I studied photography and immediately fall in love with it, not because I believed I was an artist but because I am a Storyteller.

Born and raised in Costa Rica, moved to Los Angeles 12 years ago.  I still don’t lose my accent, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen as I actually feel very proud of it.

I am a mom of a 9 year old firecracker sweet girl who’s been my inspiration along with my own inner little girl that as many of us tends to hold on to heavy- hearted memories of childhood more than the ones that made us feel happy and safe. As a photographer it is a privilege to witness and give you the ability to see your children's spark in their eyes when you would enter home after work. The unique ways you've developed through the years to make them laugh. The mess and chaos, the connection, all those moments you wish you could freeze in time forever.

“ We do not remember days, we remember moments”

- Cesare Pavare