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Amanda + Dan Wedding, Paso Robles

August 3, 2018
in Wedding
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On my way to photograph this Wedding which included a road trip to Paso Robles (Beautiful area, by the way, vineyards all over making the landscape even more attractive) I for the first time since I live in the US saw a huge bird on the side of the freeway 46. I am almost positive it was an eagle, and coming from a hometown in Costa Rica where people are very superstitious, I immediately convinced myself that that was a sign, something was going to happen to me!! Ten seconds later, my car started slowing down and not responding to me stepping on the gas until finally I parked on the side of the road and smoke started getting out from the front of my car. I didn’t know if I should cry or I should laugh, so I did both as I was waiting for the AAA tow truck to get me to the wedding venue. My car is dead, and I wouldn’t think you get so many emotions and feelings attached to an object, but I guess I did. I saw the movie of my life since 9 years ago as they towed it to the mechanic. My car is dead, the eagle on the road kill it!

On a lighter note, Sweet Amanda was happy to see me and I was so happy to see her and have made it in time for the wedding ceremony! All weddings have something special and unique, but in this one, we ALL felt LOVE, it was everywhere, coming from all directions. Take a look, and see for yourself what I am talking about!

Toutes nos félicitations!

See their photos here

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