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Doña Petronila and her family | Bribri, Costa Rica

Doña Petronila, Bribri owner of a family cacao making business ❤️ In this capture she’s painting her lips with what Costa Rican’s know as achiote. Annatto is an orange-red condiment and food coloring derived from the seeds of the achiote tree. She told me her ancestors used to paint their faces with it, to protect themselves from evil while walking in the dark jungle.

Her daughter Priscilla, a bilingual young lady helps Doña Petronila hosting tours where they show you the process of chocolate making from scratch in their home in Hone Creek, Talamanca just a few kilometers from the main road that takes you to Puerto Viejo which is a well known beach town in the Caribbean of Costa Rica.

The Bribri are an indigenous group in Costa Rica, with an estimated population of 11,500. They are called Costa Rica’s “hidden people”—their isolation from society allows them to retain Bribri culture, ethnicity and religion.The Bribri people have the lowest income per capita in Costa Rica. They have established an advanced bartering system within their communities, and primarily the women conduct the trading. While they are poor, they are generally self-sufficient through their agriculture. However, because they are so isolated and function independently, they have limited access to education and healthcare.

If you are planning to visit Costa Rica, stop by and give Priscilla a call or text her to book a Cacao tour or make any donations. I am sure you will always remember this experience, and hopefully you will truly appreciate the effort behind each piece of chocolate you’ll ever eat after this trip.

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