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Finding your inner Free-da Kahlo

Frase of the day: No more circles, just straight lines FORWARD!

That is my meditation line from now on, seriously! It is so easy to fall into the circles, and once you are in you are really lost, until ( in my case this time around ) a kind soul stands out for you.

I usually start my line and then the line grows a branch and I happily go and wonder where that branch is going to take me… a few times that branch has taken me to great places, and I enjoyed them very much, but the freshness of it made me forgot my purpose and where I wanted to get to.

I started this visual board last November, and one of the images I cut off from a magazine was a photograph of a woman portraying Frida Kahlo. I remember thinking it will be cool to make a project with different kinds of women in this atmosphere of personal empowerment, the rise of the feminine energy and push towards equality celebrating this artist and what she stood for in an effort to inspire women, families, and children.

One day I met Shannon, Yoga Munkee ( the kind soul I mentioned before) and we hit it off! Talking about our visions and goals took us to work together with his project “Finding your Free-da Kahlo” just a few weeks ago. Now one of my images from my visual board is smiling back at me, and that feels GREAT!


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