Postcards from Isolation, A photo series during COVID 19 lockdown

Postcards from Isolation, a photo series during COVID 19 lockdown.

Since March my photography business has completely stalled and all of my gigs have been cancelled, but my love for documenting humans is always there. Since the lockdown I make an effort to go out for a walk every afternoon with my 10-year old daughter. Together we have discovered that our neighborhood is filled with children who are now biking, riding their scooters, and going on walks just like us. I’ve always had the impression that we lived in a childless neighborhood in Marvista, but now I can see children and their parents passing by everyday. I can see my daughter’s eyes lighting up and dying to meet them, yet we just smile at them with our mouth and nose covered by a N95 mask. Even though, we can’t show our smiles, people just know when they are being smiled at. Being able to talk through your eyes is a precious gift, isn’t it? As the highly forgetful human that I am, I truly believe in the power of photography not only to remember, but also to treasure moments and times. We are all going through crazy tough times now and having these memories captured in an image will definitely be a precious addition for your family books.